Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something successful!

In happier news (not failed reupholstery news), I have made a Christmas ornament for my mother. I found the tutorial over at Retro Mama. Super cute - and free! My mother has a masters degree in home economics with an emphasis in textiles and she knows a thing or two about sewing, or at least she used to. Thus, our Christmas tree is lousy with handmade ornaments. In fact, at some point, my parents decided that the ornaments on our tree had to be handmade. No plasticky kitsch; it's wonderful. Anyway, when I saw this tutorial I realized that it was my time to contribute to the tree. So here's what I've made:

So cute

I'm really pleased with the results! I didn't do it exactly like retro mama did, but this suits me just fine. I did have to learn how to do a blanket stitch, iron on interfacing and use Fray Check; not that any of that's hard, I've just never done it before. Regardless, this was super easy to do. I think I'm going to make a flock! I also think I'm going to make my own pattern for a whole slew of animals and things...why not?


  1. Your handmade bird will be a perfect addition to the family Christmas Tree... and your mother will be very proud of you! And good on you for trying all that new stuff.

  2. aww your ornament turned out super cute!! This makes me tempted to try out some handmade ornaments of my own for next year.

  3. You definitely should. They were super simple to do and cute to boot. My mom really appreciated them too.