Monday, September 28, 2009

I reserve the right to change,

So, I started this blog as a cooking blog, but I've started getting rather crafty lately (oddly this is directly and positively correlated with the arrival of and my going to the new Goodwill store in town). Here are some of my finds from yesterday:

Aren't they hideous?! Brass. Yuck.

Yesterday, I saw a tutorial about spray-painting brass, and I decided a little spray paint therapy was just what I needed. I set out to Goodwill, knowing I would find something brassy and wonderful. Sure enough, I settled on the above; I particularly like the little bowl with the cutouts. I think the three cost less than $4. After lots of cleaning, priming, drying, painting, drying, painting and maybe some more painting, here's what I ended up with:

I kind of love them! I'm not sure where they will live yet though...

I also found this old sewing box. It was $3.99, which is really too much for Goodwill, but it was taped shut, treasure-chest style, so I decided the money was worth the surprise.


It had tons of buttons, which are actually really expensive, so I've decided it was worth it. There is also some bias tape, ric-rac, 2 zippers, needles, pins and all kinds of snaps, rivets and clasps. What a fun little find; must have been someone's mother's or grandmother's.

Pretty little ceramic (?) buttons

Oh, aaaand, I found this amazing sewing book. An oldie but a goodie:

Keeping it real with Singer.
It has all kinds of things about sewing clothes and home-decor-things. It even has a section on tailoring (a bit advanced at the moment, who knows, maybe some day!)

I also bought 2 pillows to use as pillow forms for, perhaps, this pillow (only with one or 2 rows of ruffles kind of off-centered, not the whole shebang).

All-in-all, a good day at Goodwill!

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