Sunday, August 15, 2010

Faux quoi?

Faux bois my dears. I have a cute little table that I scored at GoodWill (I do <3 GoodWill) for $13. It's sort of industrial-looking, with a metal/chromey pedestal and an MDF top. I've been debating what to do with that top and I think I've found the answer over at apartmenttherapy

...white paint + faux bois. I'm hoping contact paper will stick to said white paint...I don't see why not though, right?


  1. um, hello! This is amazing. Amazing!! I love that faux bois contact paper...I have been known to whip it out now and then. Glad your shorts turned out great!! <3

  2. Isn't that amazing? I sort of love my little mdf I may not faux bois it. BUT I will faux bois everything else. My notebook just took max capacity of faux bois. =)