Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let me count the ways...

Have I mentioned how much I love powdered milk. I've used it three times since Wednesday (and I finally got to the new package that has a spout - I'm thrilled). 
  1. Whole Wheat and Oatmeal Bread - A step away from my standby, but very delicious. I used an entire cup of oats with no noticeably poor effects. The dough is a bit more, um, substantial, than I'm used to (though I've never used all whole wheat flour either...and that full cup of oats probably didn't help), but the bread itself is great and slightly chewy. 
  2. Yogurt - The first time I made it it was a disaster, that happens occasionally, more on that later. Second time around was a win.
  3. Arabian Pita Bread - I find pita bread intimidating for some reason. Here am I, making bread every week, but pita bread is horrifying. I made mini pitas; they are pretty darn cute and delicious. Not all of them puffed up like they should to make the 'pocket', but I don't really care. Wonderful recipe that apparently freezes well, I've got about 12 left for the freezer.

Incidentally, I used all King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour in both of the breads. I love that stuff too!

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